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AMKY Staffing understands that government departments must identify and employ highly motivated, skilled, and educated workers to support public programs and initiatives. We are a government staffing agency that has the resources to find and deploy qualified personnel for government agencies and private organizations involved in healthcare services. Our government healthcare recruiting experts are personally trained and certified by an expert panel of recruiters, so you can rest assured that your medical staffing needs will be met.

What AMKY Can Provide

Behavioural and Mental Health

We have a deep understanding of the evolving importance of around behavioral and mental health awareness. At the federal, state and local level our capabilities to effectively serve all segments range from:

  • Ph.D. levels care coordinators
  • Psychology providers
  • Certified and licensed technical staff
  • Clinical Social Workers
  • Psychiatric-Trained Medical Doctors

AMKY has developed a rich understanding of how to attract and retain individuals who are specialized in crisis management, aiding to fight against conditions such as homelessness, substance abuse, and many other life-threatening conditions while promoting a healthier lifestyle and mental well-being.

Correctional and detention

Correctional Facilities Services

As a leader in correctional healthcare staffing services, we offer all ranges of clinical care, including locum tenens and advanced practitioners, to support the clinical mission while addressing and solving staff absences and staffing shortages.

Resources to Respond to Your Needs

We have meticulously developed the resources and expertise to respond to planned or unplanned absences cost-effectively and efficiently with qualified temporary or temporary to permanent providers. Our physicians, practitioners, and clinical providers undergo credentialing, licensing reviews, and correctional-specific training covering the essential aspects of providing care for incarcerated individuals.

Public Health and Academia

AMKY is vital to many successful public health programs and community health initiatives. Our experience in public health and academia includes:

  • Primary care
  • Behavioral care
  • Inpatient programs
  • Outpatient programs
  • Long-term care
  • Clinical disease prevention and investigation

Whether required through a rapid response or a scalable preventative solution, we can develop and assist with any strategic clinical objective and mission. Various elements within a public health setting range from county or municipality-led to state and federally run humanitarian service programs.

Our concentrations within academia include research and development, overarching access to care, federally and state-funded wellness initiatives, and comprehensive pandemic response projects. From our partnerships with the National Institute of Health and Centers for Disease Control to the state and county level, Maxim has the experience and past performance to provide staffing solutions in virtually every environment.

Military and Veterans Programs

Active-Duty Military

Proudly serving active-duty members and family dependents of the US Armed Forces, Maxim has a rich history of providing clinical staffing services supporting care required in the military health system across the country. Additionally, we support strategic care response, rapid provider mobilization, psychological and behavioral programs, and various disease management initiatives across a broad spectrum of military commands.

Veterans Affairs

Maxim also honorably supports veterans’ health programs at the county, state, and federal levels. These projects augment specific government missions providing care adequacy at the primary, specialty, and extended or long-term care level. We are also proud to serve as a partner to the Veteran Benefits Administration through the provision of clinical staff which conduct benefit eligibility evaluations. This is all made possible mainly due to our commitment to the ongoing mission of military and veteran care while providing the best in quality clinical staffing support.

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